My journey into motherhood

My journey into motherhood started in 2010 when I first found out I was pregnant with my first baby I was only 19 years old I was still at college doing pretty good. I always said I never wanted children because I wanted to focus on myself as I was always career minded (at the time) but I fell pregnant and I still continued on with college until it got to much so I dropped out only until my daughter was one years old.
during my pregnancy I was constantly being referred to the consultants because they kept telling me my baby was only going to be 2LB 2OZ at birth because I just kept losing weight (no medical reason to why) I ate like a pig! so at 37 weeks I was induced and on 20th April 2011 12:07pm my little bundle of joy made her grand painful entrance into the world weighing in at 5LB 9OZ!! can I just add I honestly thought the good lord was splitting me into 2 my daughters birth has got to of been the most horrendous birth in the history of horrendous births EVER.
still 8 years late…
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